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Rabbi Jesus – Prayer

Life has routines, and we’ve learned this year that our routines can be changed. Today, we explore the idea of including prayer in your routine.


Rabbi Jesus – The Way

Sometimes people take road trips to “get lost” and find new places they’ve never been before. Going on the Interstate, or using GPS can lead you to exactly where you need to be. But what if you need to explore?


Rabbi Jesus – Being Sent

How are we as Christians called to love into this moment? This Sunday we will once again find that Jesus has teaching for today. Join us as we discuss what it means to be sent.


Rabbi Jesus – Unity

May 31, 2020 Christ prayed that the church would be united. While we face troubling times from disputes over race and over how to handle the covid-19 outbreak, and the stresses and strains of being kept at home, Jesus’ message for the church is to remain united. In the United States, we often hear the […]


Rabbi Jesus – Weightier Matters

There was another time when people couldn’t worship like they were used to. It was a time that is strangely familiar to the one we experience now. Tune in with us to see how an old story from the Bible speaks loudly into our world today.


Rabbi Jesus – Parable of the Soils

When we take time to examine our lives, we should think about the kind of soil our hearts provide for God’s word. Can we improve our hearts and our lives to produce a better harvest for God?


Rabbi Jesus – Ask, Seek, Knock

In Matthew 7: 7-12, Jesus compares parents who love their children to God’s love for us. If we ask, we receive. If we seek, we find. If we knock, the door is opened. We live because God provides for us. But Jesus encourages us to go further.


Rabbi Jesus – Do Not Judge

Matthew 7: 1-6 reminds us that we shouldn’t be judgmental. We often want other people to give us the benefit of the doubt, so why shouldn’t we give it to others?


Rabbi Jesus – Domestication

Jesus’ teachings challenge and remind us that the answer to the Parable of the Good Samaritan is about which person was a good neighbor. We should be “good neighbors” to everyone, including the people we think we could never associate with.


Rabbi Jesus – Do Not Worry

If we count up the number of times the Bible tells us not to worry, or where a person in the Bible tells another: “do not worry,” you might be surprised at the number of times it appears. Even Jesus devotes time to the subject of worry, and the current times are a good example of when not to worry.