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Rabbi Jesus – The Way

June 14, 2020

Rabbi Jesus - The teachings of Jesus for Quarantine
The road Jesus would lead us on will go places we can’t always imagine

Sometimes people take road trips to “get lost” and find new places they’ve never been before. Going on the Interstate, or using GPS can lead you to exactly where you need to be. But what if you need to explore?

In the book of John, Jesus says he is the way to the father. Because he is the way, if you know how Jesus lived, then you can see how to follow him.

Life is like a journey, and as we go on the Way, we discover there are different ways to travel the road. Christianity is often practiced by people who check off all the boxes. They try to live a good life, they follow all the “road signs,” and they get to the end of the road. They “go through all the motions” to get to Heaven.

But the Way that Jesus shows is more like a road trip that you take to explore. You wind up in new places, you meet new people, and sometimes you might get lost. It might seem disorienting, but Jesus is still there with you. Just following his voice will lead you where you need to go, but it’s nothing like the simple “check off all the boxes” faith you might’ve grown up with.

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