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Rabbi Jesus – Prayer

June 21, 2020

Rabbi Jesus - The teachings of Jesus for Quarantine
If you asked “Lord, teach us to pray” what would that entail?

Today, we explore the idea of including prayer in your routine. Life has rhythms, and we’ve learned during covid-19 related lockdowns and self-isolation that our rhythms can be changed. So, if prayer is included in our routines and our rhythms, it can become life-changing.

What does it mean to “pray without ceasing,” or to “pray continually?” Obviously, it means to keep praying. It also means to not give up on praying. But it means so much more.

We don’t want to force you to pray in a specific way. Explore the Psalms, remember the Lord’s Prayer, and find new ways to pick up the habit. Listen to the suggestions, and remember that prayer is about relationships. If we treat prayer like we treat our relationships with people we love, it should be easier to develop a rhythm.

Once that rhythm gets going, it should be easier to “pray continually.”

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