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We believe our traditions help shape who we are, but we aren’t afraid of trying new things and learning new ways to worship God.

We believe the Bible is one of the most important ways God reveals Himself to us, helps us make sense of our world, and guides us. Because of what it means to us, we commit to studying the Bible.

We believe in the Apostle’s Creed. The unifying statement of faith has been passed down for over 1,000 years.

We believe in diversity and unity in the Church. Each local church is responsible for its own leadership and has its own distinct personality.

We believe all believers are part of the priesthood.” Men, women, young, old, every skin color–everyone is called to ministry by participating in the church.


We believe worship should interactive, simple, and fulfilling (Ephesians 5:18-20).

We believe sacraments are times in worship when heaven and earth are especially connected. Baptism is what people see on the outside, when a person obeys and makes a personal commitment to God. Communion is a reminder of Jesus that we celebrate every week.


We believe in a radical commitment to prayer and following God.


We believe God is living and active, and working in the world. Our mission is to find ways to join Him in His work.

We’re partnering with local organizations and ministries:

We believe in spreading the Good News wherever we can:


We believe each church shows love for God and faith in Jesus in unique ways.

We are a family and we believe in the fellowship of the local church.

We welcome all, and we want to be hospitable. We want to be friends and family to you, not just another group of strangers you don’t know.

We love children, because we believe they are an essential part of who we are.

We are a family that laughs together, and stays together.

We cry together in difficult times. God gave us the church to be someone to lean on.


We believe everyone has a responsibility to use their abilities to serve God through the local church. Each member shows commitment by:

  • Praying regularly for the church and its leaders
  • Being present at church gatherings
  • Making a financial investment in the work of the church
  • Serving in the church using their abilities
  • Finding ways to follow their mission in their personal and social lives