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Rabbi Jesus – Do Not Worry

April 19, 2020

Rabbi Jesus - The teachings of Jesus for Quarantine
How many times does the Bible tell us not to worry?

If we count up the number of times the Bible tells us not to worry, or where a person in the Bible tells another: “do not worry,” you might be surprised at the number of times it appears. Even Jesus devotes time to the subject of worry, and the current times are a good example of when not to worry.

As we face the outbreak of the coronavirus (covid-19), practices like social distancing, self quarantining, and other means to avoid spreading the disease have led to business closures, changes to the economy, and a rising toll on the population. Lives have been lost, and now would seem like the perfect time to worry.

But Jesus’ teaching still reminds us of this: While we worry, are we remembering how God continues to care for us?

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