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Tag Archive: What’s Your Story?


Stories – Love

As believers in Christ, our story isn’t supposed to be bland, apolitical, and never get people’s attention–but it is supposed to show love in a way that makes our faith appeal to others. It’s also supposed to promote healthy fellowship, and relationships that go beyond just “hitting the like button,” or commenting on somebody’s latest post. Come join us as we chase after perfect love, and learn how to show it to the world.


Stories – Hope

Everything that happens should remind you to keep your perspective. Don’t believe that everything is hopeless when you go through hard times. Paul is convinced that “absolutely nothing can get between us and God’s love,” so don’t give up.


Stories – Faith

People of faith in the Bible have accomplished many great deeds, from Moses and Abraham, to Peter and Paul. Their faith motivates our belief when we read the beginning of Hebrews 12. Remember, there is a “cloud of witnesses” around us, like the cheering crowd in a stadium. They’re there to encourage you as you walk with God, give your life to Him, and put your belief into action.


Stories – Justice

When we think about justice, we sometimes think about TV shows like Law and Order, detective stories, courtroom dramas, and shows that focus on stopping crime or bringing a criminal to justice. But there’s more. God has his own idea of what is just and unjust, and it isn’t always the same as our idea.


Stories – Wisdom

July 19, 2020 Wisdom. There’s a lot for us to learn, but wisdom isn’t just education, it’s experience. It’s being able to use what we know to make the right decisions. It’s being able to figure out difficult problems and benefit everybody. One of the best figures to look at when we study wisdom is […]


Stories – Self Control

As hard as it might seem, let’s take a look at our own lives, ask ourselves where our struggle with self control is the hardest, and remember that God has already given us what we need to overcome. Don’t give up! Reach out for help when you need to, learn and practice discipline, and gain mastery.


Stories – Courage

It’s embarrassing to look at biblical heroes like Joshua, or like the veterans of World Wars, and then think about ourselves. We don’t look like those legendary courageous people. So what does it mean to us to live courageously? What can we do to be “strong and courageous?”


Stories – What’s Your Story?

What’s your story? The next few sermons will focus on stories from the Bible, and how they inspire us. We’ll also focus on how our own personal stories connect with a larger story. The larger story is how God continues to work in the world, and how we can contribute.