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Stories – Courage

July 5, 2020

Can we be courageous without facing the same things people in the Bible faced?


It’s embarrassing to look at biblical heroes like Joshua, or like the veterans of World Wars, and then think about ourselves. We don’t look like those legendary courageous people. So what does it mean to us to live courageously? What can we do to be “strong and courageous?”

Living with courage isn’t just about accomplishing heroic deeds. We could describe Joshua’s military campaigns as “heroic” or “brave,” but courage isn’t only about killing people. Oskar Schindler showed courage by saving over a thousand Jewish people from the Nazis by employing them in his factories. Jesus did by allowing himself to be crucified.

Near the end of his life, Joshua dares the Israelites to live by God’s standards, but allows them to decide for themselves. When we live like that and show our faith even amid challenges, struggles, and opposition, we can be courageous like Joshua.

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