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Stories – Wisdom

July 19, 2020

How can we grow and become wiser?


There’s a lot for us to learn, but wisdom isn’t just education, it’s experience. It’s being able to use what we know to make the right decisions. It’s being able to figure out difficult problems and benefit everybody. One of the best figures to look at when we study wisdom is King Solomon.

Solomon once decided which woman was the mother of a baby. He suggested dividing the baby in two with a sword! One woman agreed to the procedure, but the other one said she was willing to give up the child. His wisdom pinpointed this: Almost every mother is very protective of her children. The woman who was willing to give up her baby–and let him live–was the real mother of the child.

Given the opportunity to get riches, a long life, or the removal of his enemies, King Solomon asked God for discernment. He could have asked for anything in the world, but he asked to be wise.

During the current covid-19 pandemic, little things like wearing masks, washing hands, and keeping physical distance from crowds seem like “no brainers,” but they can be wise. Similarly, as people self-quarantining are isolated except for social networking, we’re getting frazzled nerves. We need to respect one another and the worries and emotions everybody feels. Being respectful of one another is also very wise.

Think about your favorite proverbs, and remember what they mean to you. While there have been some funny “Deep Thoughts,” shared in our message today, the real teachings that stick with us are the ones that help us be better people. Often, the real teachings come from lived-in experiences.

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