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Stories – Faith

August 2, 2020

There are many examples of faith in the Bible, so here is an overview…


If you’ve ever read an anthology of literature, like the kind used in school or college classes, you don’t always get the full story. Sometimes anthologies contain short stories, or excerpts of a longer work. Those collected works help you learn about literature as a whole, and they also get you interested in specific stories. Later on, you could find a full copy of a book at a store or in the library, and enjoy it cover-to-cover.

Stories of belief in action show up all across the Bible, so there’s not enough time in one day to cover all of them. Hebrews 11 does a great job giving us a high-level overview of so many lives of faith. It’s like an “anthology” or “highlights” of faith, and the people who put what they believe into action.

Faith is our confidence and our assurance, even when we cannot see immediate results. You have it when you set a goal for yourself and believe you can accomplish it. You still have faith even when you’re in the middle of the work, and it isn’t finished yet. Putting what you believe into action also happens when you take steps to follow God, and Jesus’ teachings.

People of faith in the Bible have accomplished many great deeds, from Moses and Abraham, to Peter and Paul. Their faith motivates our belief when we read the beginning of Hebrews 12. Remember, there is a “cloud of witnesses” around us, like the cheering crowd in a stadium. They’re there to encourage you as you walk with God, give your life to Him, and put your belief into action.

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