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Rabbi Jesus – Parable of the Soils

When we take time to examine our lives, we should think about the kind of soil our hearts provide for God’s word. Can we improve our hearts and our lives to produce a better harvest for God?


Rabbi Jesus – Ask, Seek, Knock

In Matthew 7: 7-12, Jesus compares parents who love their children to God’s love for us. If we ask, we receive. If we seek, we find. If we knock, the door is opened. We live because God provides for us. But Jesus encourages us to go further.


Rabbi Jesus – Do Not Judge

Matthew 7: 1-6 reminds us that we shouldn’t be judgmental. We often want other people to give us the benefit of the doubt, so why shouldn’t we give it to others?


Rabbi Jesus – Domestication

Jesus’ teachings challenge and remind us that the answer to the Parable of the Good Samaritan is about which person was a good neighbor. We should be “good neighbors” to everyone, including the people we think we could never associate with.


Rabbi Jesus – Do Not Worry

If we count up the number of times the Bible tells us not to worry, or where a person in the Bible tells another: “do not worry,” you might be surprised at the number of times it appears. Even Jesus devotes time to the subject of worry, and the current times are a good example of when not to worry.



This experience in 2020 might be the strangest Easter in decades due to the social isolation required to battle the spread of covid-19, but we welcome you to rejoice with us, and give glory to God, for Jesus has risen from the grave!


Sadcoms and Palm Sunday

As we approach Holy Week, while experiencing self-isolation combating covid-19, there are high and low points in everybody’s lives. Palm Sunday and Holy Week mix triumph, praise, and also weeping and sorrow, capturing so many ideas and emotions in such a short time.


Seeing Jesus

When a miracle gets “corrected,” and Peter’s mistaken view of Jesus appears, we are reminded that seeing Jesus means giving up our own ways to follow him. What are some ways we can show Jesus more clearly around us?



So, this is a recording of the first Sunday worship service happening during the self-isolation ordered due to the 2019 Coronavirus outbreak. In-person meetings are blocked by our efforts to slow the spread of the virus. Even as we work toward prevention, we can still commune with one another over the phone and online.


Peace and Rest

Rest isn’t laziness or ignoring work. Instead, sometimes rest means pausing to remember what God has done in our lives, and how far we have come. Today, we explore what this might mean in this day and age, when Jesus reminds us “don’t worry.”

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