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March 1, 2020

“Have you considered my servant… ?”

This Sunday is the first Sunday during Lent. We are going to be spending a good bit of time in the coming weeks talking about a different way to pray called imaginative prayer. It combines Scripture reading and prayer, and encourages us to see ourselves in the Gospel stories – to embed ourselves in the stories so that we engage our senses as we see the story. It’s one of the reasons the Jesus-themed movies will be of great help to us in the coming weeks. This Sunday our story will be Jesus’ temptation. It’s a great story to consider through prayer because there is a lot we don’t know about how it went down. It seems to me that our church is facing a great deal of temptation at the moment as well. God’s word, “Have you considered my servant Job” seem as they may be hauntingly relevant . . . Have you considered my servant Alum Creek?

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