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September 6, 2020

Worship is more than just looking inward…

Worship is so much more than just what happens inside the church building. Worship is praise, adoration, and even silence before the glory of the Lord. If you’re not familiar with the word “Shekinah,” that’s the Hebrew term for “the divine presence of God.” Praise and prayer and communion are all part of worship.

But worship and spirituality go further. Worship also involves looking inward, through prayer and meditation. It’s important to look inward, to examine who we are, and to examine our church for what it is. But worship also has a component that points outward. Part of worship is also loving, sharing, and helping members of our church grow spiritually.

Worship is part of our mission.

But there’s more to our mission than just spiritual growth. Our church does not exist for itself. It’s there for the people around it. It’s there for the community around it. The key is to go into the world. The early church leaders sent Paul and Barnabas out to do missions to reach more people throughout the world.

So, we have a few basic ideas to follow: praise, growth, and mission. There’s a place for you in our church family, whether you want to be involved in praise and worship, or learning and spiritual growth, or outreach and missions in the community.

You’re welcome to join us!

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