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Monthly Archive: October 2020


Let Your Yes be Yes

In Matthew 5, Jesus reminds us that it’s not important to make vows or oaths, but to keep your word. Say your “yes,” and make sure you stick to your word. If we’re made to do good things, that comes from spiritual transformation inside our hearts.


Created for Good

Do we really want to do good? We like the idea of being generous, doing good, praying more, or giving more. That’s where we need to change how we think, so we can have mature faith. Instead of wanting to do good because it sounds good, we need to want to do good because that’s really what we want.


Teachable Moments

The lesson Jesus teaches is that we are supposed to “wash one another’s feet.” At the peak of his ministry, Jesus teaches the this idea of leadership. He doesn’t teach about taking and managing power, he teaches about servanthood. He teaches about how the disciples are supposed to focus on service.



While the United States differs, many governments around the world use the word “ministry” to refer to various bureaus and departments that handle various tasks. A famous fictional example is the “Ministry of Magic” in the Harry Potter books. Each of these organizations serves a purpose to the government that sets it up. That role: service, is what ministry is about.