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Teachable Moments

October 11, 2020 (Ministry – Part 2)

Our role in the community begins with teachable moments…

Robert Havigurst writes of what we call “Teachable Moments.” He states that: “When the timing is right the ability to learn a particular task will be possible.” This idea has evolved to mean more than just “repetitive opportunities” to learn. Teachable moments are when a student will fully comprehend. This comprehension might require repeated exposure to the facts. Full understanding of a lesson happens at different times for different people because everybody is different.

Jesus often utilized or created teachable moments that became his parables. One of his greatest moment was on the way to the cross. In John 13, John writes that Jesus knew it was almost time for him to be crucified. During that time, Jesus got up, disrobed, wrapped a towel around his waist, and washed his disciples’ feet. By Chapter 13, Jesus knew Judas was on his way to betray him, and this was one of Jesus’ final chances to teach.

But Peter didn’t understand, and he even protested. After washing their feet, Jesus put his robe back on and asked them all if they understood, but they did not. But this was the ultimate teachable moment.

The lesson Jesus teaches is that we are supposed to “wash one another’s feet.” At the peak of his ministry, Jesus teaches the this idea of leadership. He doesn’t teach about taking and managing power, he teaches about servanthood. He teaches about how the disciples are supposed to focus on service.

We don’t require a massive building, or a gigantic movement, or a strategic victory. We need servants.

This is the one we gave our lives to as Christians. We are connected to Jesus by acts of service. There are many ways for you to be involved as we grow into our mission of serving the community.

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