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February 9, 2020 This Sunday we are wrapping up our Valentine’s timed series on the Song of Solomon. We’ve moved from passion to intimacy to this week when we will talk about commitment. Perhaps the one thing most lacking in our culture today when it comes to the topic of romance and love. We will […]



February 2, 2020 This is chapter two of our love series. We look at some of the crazy things people have done in the name of love in the past. Last week focused on the feeling of passion behind our drive for love, sex, and relationships. This week we peel back another layer to see […]



January 26, 2020 This week we tackle passion and the reality that there is an emotional and physical component to our romantic feelings, but the church too often ignores the physical side. While there are countless sins and perversions of sex in our culture that we could spend our time railing against, we are going […]