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Back to School – Salt and Light

August 23, 2020

Our special service focuses on our students as they return to school.

Kids are excited to head back to school as fall begins. In the fall, we all look forward to reestablishing familiar routines. But covid-19 has impacted how school begins. We’re especially prayerful for each student’s experience, and how they interact. We’re also praying for teachers and communities, superintendents, aides, and everyone involved in education.

We’ll hear from the kids as they talk about their summer experience, and what they look forward to as school restarts.

As we start virtual, online, and in-person schooling, everyone is going to experience things differently. One of the things children and students can learn is how to deal with people. The best lesson for school restarting is learning to be “Salt and Light.” During Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount, he preaches about being distinct and different. Students can do this by being encouraging, letting people know they are loved and cared for, and living as an example.

This isn’t hard: don’t let stress overwhelm you. Spread light by being positive toward teachers, parents, and fellow students. Live as a blessing to others by being respectful, helpful, and cooperating. Everything you do can help schools tackle the challenge of a very different school year.

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