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Monthly Archive: January 2020



January 26, 2020 This week we tackle passion and the reality that there is an emotional and physical component to our romantic feelings, but the church too often ignores the physical side. While there are countless sins and perversions of sex in our culture that we could spend our time railing against, we are going […]


Courtship with Christ

January 19, 2020 Relationships cross time from when they begin, and pass through moments both extraordinary and ordinary. While most of our relationship with God might seem routine, Paul’s message in Colossians 3 reminds us that there still is value in the rhythm of pursuing the One you love.


Who Do You Love?

January 12, 2020 As we reignite our passion in 2020, we are reminded of Jesus’ talk with Peter, as recorded in John’s gospel. While it is constructive to believe, belief only scratches the surface. The message that God is our first love compels us to reorder our lives.


Passion 2020

January 5, 2020 Passion ignites feelings in our bodies, sometimes taking over all our activity and sending us on a new course. Passion motivates the Song of Solomon, but the word need not apply to romance alone. Paul’s passion drove him to consider other things worth less than the saving news of the gospel. Where […]