In 2017, the Alum Creek Church is diving deeper into exploring who we are as a church. Each Sunday we will explore some of the deep theological beliefs and practices that we espouse and that make us who we are. These practices are centered around four of our core values that describe what we aim to be: a FAMILY that is DEEP – not satisfied with simple answers to complex issues; REAL – not satisfied with superficial relationships and shallow interactions with each other; and PART OF SOMETHING BIGGER – realists who appreciate the fact that God’s kingdom and his church are much bigger than we are, but we rejoice in the opportunity to be a part of it. In the above image of our church building you see the many subjects we’ll be tackling throughout 2017. We believe that we offer the Lewis Center community something unique and something important. Make 2017 the year that you become a part of it!

Listen to our sermon that kicked off this year!


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