Who We Are

stained glass

In a word, the Alum Creek Church is family.  We are living life together.  We celebrate together.  We grieve together.  Whenever an Alum Creek member has a pressing need or concern, we regularly encircle them during our services and pray over them.  We honor children born into our family every year with a Baby Dedication Sunday.  Each year we honor our incoming Kindergarteners by giving them Bibles – setting the course for a life of learning about God’s creation.  We celebrate our high school graduates and any other accomplishments our members may achieve.  It’s not unusual to find the entire congregation singing “Happy Birthday” to our family members.  We do our best to keep up with each other throughout the week, and Sunday is like a family reunion each week!  The New Testament refers to the church as the “family of God” and we strive to live out that family.

We are a tightly knit group of people who have our faith in Christ as our commonality and strive to live our lives together in faith.  Although we are tight knit, we’ve also grown accustomed to welcoming new people into the family and often have to say goodbye as life takes family members from the area.  Once you’re a part of the Alum Creek Church, you’re always a part.  We have family all over the country!

We work hard together to serve our community and are engaged in several opportunities for us to reach the less fortunate.  We especially seek to be a family for those who do not have families, those who are not welcomed by their families, just as much as those who come from strong families.  We seek to be home for all our members.